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Growth Through Natural Learning

All Learners depicted in the video were volunteers and not clients of Marra & Glick Applied Behavior Analysts

Specializing In Applied Behavior Analysis & Other Behavioral Services

Marra & Glick Applied Behavior Analysts serve people with autism spectrum disorders, behavioral disorders and developmental disabilities, childhood through adulthood, specializing in the principles and methods of Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA).  All of our practitioners are licensed and/or certified in the state of New York, with backgrounds in the fields of applied behavior analysis, psychology and special education.

Our services are provided in school, at home, and in community settings throughout Long Island and parts of Queens.

We Can Help

We can help with the many difficult issues faced by parents including:

Our programs help increase focus and attention.  


We can assist children and adults in creating more meaningful relationships.


Self care and daily living skills can be mastered with assistance.  Our professionals can help.


Our team of professionals can help children and adults with communication difficulties, using technologies such as Ipad, Proloquo2Go, PECS and more.

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